Wordcamp inspired update to Secure Hidden Login (v1.0.0)


I was just recently at Wordcamp Phoenix 2014 and saw some really exciting talks.  After spending a whole 3 days learning new things about WordPress and discussing it’s uses with others, I was inspired to re-visit Secure Hidden Login and give it a well needed update.

Secure Hidden Login v1.0.0

I’m proud to say that Secure Hidden Login v1.0.0 has been released.  I’m dedicating this version to my beautiful girlfriend, Bernice.  Actually, Bernice is the one that hit ‘Enter’ on the svn commit to release the new version of the plugin.  I am sure I am not the first one to have their girlfriend push the button for a plugin release.  She’s very happy that she’s with a bit of a ‘nerd’ and I hope that someone reading this is inspired and goes out and meets a nice girl like Bernice.  By the way, we met on eHarmony so check it out.

Anyway, Secure Hidden Login v1.0.0 does not add anything cosmetically.  However, there are many changes in the back end.  Firstly, Secure Hidden Login now has filters so that certain text blocks can be changed or actions added.  Second, Secure Hidden Login is actually more ‘secure’ in that it now uses dynamically inserted javascript and css in addition to all forms being loaded by ajax.  Secure Hidden Login is now undetectable by wp scan plugin enumeration which fixes a long standing issue that being able to track it meant that a hacker could bypass some of it’s security measures (like blocking the wp-admin page).  There were also some bugfixes that were reported that were ignored for too long that have been fixed.

The future of Secure Hidden Login

Looking to the future, my plan for v1.1.0 is to either add my own CAPTCHA or integrate an existing plugin.  Right now, Secure Hidden Login should fail gracefully when a CAPTCHA plugin is present on the login page.  This has been tested specifically with SI CAPTCHA but that’s not exactly the best solution.

Updated to v1.0.1 to fix some bugs!

As always if you have any questions about Secure Hidden Login, you can ask on my Contact page.

Blue Red bull is the best

20130615-205038.jpgWhen I play pool, I like to have a drink or 2. The drink of choice is red bull vodka. Of course this means that I also crave wings (red bull) at other times. I also love Crystal Head Vodka.

Mix them together, it’s delicious, but nothing is as good as Blue Edition Red Bull. Original, Red, and Silver are good, but I think Blue is the best.

Clip vs. Magazine: what’s the difference?

Clip vs. Magazine and other pending legislation

Some point soon, there will be legislation regarding gun control sent across the desks of everyone in congress. There are many different ideas about what it should include or if it should exist at all.  All I will say on the topic is that I do believe the 2nd amendment should exist (I cannot confirm nor deny if I practice it). However, it’s important to frame certain terminology in the right way.  Some say things like clip vs. magazine: what is the difference? Or why do you need an assault rifle?  A lot of this is all made up terms by anti-gun government officials.  Sometimes it’s even laughable to here them mis-used.  I hope that this post adds to the many that helps the public, and even congress get these terms right.

The Difference

Clip vs. Magazine

The easiest way for me to illustrate the difference between a clip and a magazine is with a picture.  This picture shows 60 rounds, 30 in clips, and 30 loaded into a magazine.  Clips are on the left, they hold 10 rounds.  The magazine on the right holds 30 rounds.  In this case, these are for an SKS, 7.62×39 rifle.  The stripper clips are used to load the rifle, and the magazine is what holds the loaded rounds.  Equipping an SKS with a 30 round magazine, or loading it with stripper clips may, to some, constitute it as an assault rifle. The SKS is not an assault rifle.  I’ll explain why.

Not an Assault Rifle

For starters, it makes for a great hiking gone for deer hunting and has the so called ‘sporting’ use. Secondly, in it’s default form (although there are aftermarket stocks for it), it’s got a brown wooden stock and hardly looks like an ‘evil black’ assault rifle. However, generally speaking, the SKS, or at least a lot of accessories for it would be banned under some proposed legislation.

As you can see above, clips are already 10 rounds.  The default configuration of an SKS is 10 rounds.  However, since the SKS is semi-automatic (important of a ‘hiking’ gun), all the rounds are ejected after firing.  To reload it, all one needs to do is take a clip, attach it to the gun and push the cartridges down (not bullets (the metal pointy part that flies out the barrel) or shell/case (case being better, the steel or brass part which holds the bullet, powder, and primer at the bottom). With clips the SKS can be reloaded in seconds.

Short Conclusion

If anything, a 30 round magazine delats reloading, since there is more to reload.  In either case, banning either a clip or a magazine of a certain size does nothing.  When one human shoots another, they are already committing a crime.  Trying to justify new laws to stop those that already break existing ones should not make sense to anyone.

Reggie Bush to Packers (I hope)

Reggie Bush to PackersImagine seeing ‘Reggie Bush to Packers’ on NFL.com.  I’m not sure if this is seriously being considered in any way by the Green Bay Packers general manager or anyone within the team, but it makes sense to this fan.  This is a free agent pickup the Green Bay Packers definitely need to consider. I hope that by writing this article, it get’s others to talk about this idea.  Perhaps it can create a trend on the internet.

The back story

Reggie Bush is a 7th year NFL Pro going to free agency after spending 2 years in Miami with no chance of making a Super Bowl.  Previously he spent a few years with the Saints, made the Super Bowl, and won it along with Drew Brees and company.  Knowing that he had a taste of Super Bowl Championship glory with the Saints, it’s undeniable that he probably wants another one.  The Green Bay Packers could give him that and I’m not the first one to propose this idea that Reggie Bush could go to the Packers.  It was proposed on ESPN’s NFC North Blog by Kevin Seifert originally. It’s also been discussed on other sites such as Cheese Head TV.

Update (March 11th, 2013): It’s even on NFL.com now!

Why Reggie Bush to Packers makes sense

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Reggie Bush has the Super Bowl bug, and may take a smaller salary in the now for a chance to make some money later as well as return to a Super Bowl. He may be alright with allowing the Packers to get him at a discounted rate versus other teams who are in a re-building stage. You’ve also got a couple other big money free agent running backs looking for homes like Ahmad Bradshaw and Steven Jackson, so the market for Reggie Bush might be low among other nfl teams.

Next, it’s important to understand, with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Green Bay Packers will never be a run first team.  The Packers won’t benefit at all from a big ‘down hill’ run-first not so great pass catcher running back (think Ryan Grant). If the Packers have a 3rd and short, they already have John Kuhn. The best running back for the Packers is a shifty running back who gets open and makes people miss after coming out of the backfield.  That’s literally a description of Reggie Bush.

Conclusion (and Contract thoughts)

The Packers need a running back they can trust.  Reggie Bush has shown he’s a play maker and thrives in a good offense.  Some time this off season, I really hope to see a headline that reads ‘Reggie Bush to Packers’ or ‘Reggie Bush to Green Bay’. Should be fairly easy for the Green Bay Packers to give Reggie Bush a 3 to 5 year Contract which means that it’s likely he could even retire as a Green Bay Packer. As long as the Packers don’t do something crazy like use the franchise tag on Greg Jennings, they should have the cap room for Reggie Bush. I’ll watch and see, and would love any opinions on this topic.

Secure Hidden Login status update

First, I just want to note, I now have a dedicated Secure Hidden Login page on my site.

Secure Hidden Login is now part of EditSee (since v0.8)

editseeAlthough I cannot give full details on the ultimate goal of the EditSee project at this time, it should be fairly obvious.  The aim of the EditSee project is to eliminate the need for a conventional ‘admin’ or ‘dashboard’ area.  The user should be able to edit their site, from their site, not some other hidden area. Secure Hidden Login is a big part of this in that it simplifies the login and logout process.

Secure Hidden Login passes a strict Debug check (since v0.9)

After attending Wordcamp Phoenix 2013, I learned the importance of debugging your code.  This is both for the purposes of security, and compatibility with other plugins and themes.  With full WordPress Debug mode on and the Debug bar plugin, Secure Hidden Login generates no errors. In addition to Debug check, v0.9.1 renames some CSS classes to further prevent conflicts with other plugins.

Secure Hidden Login’s new features since v0.1

Secure Hidden Login had some humble beginnings as a very simple plugin.  Thanks to a lot of great feedback, several features have been added over time and many more are coming.  Here is a list of some of the great features Secure Hidden Login now has:

  • Color options for the buttons
  • Disabling of the wp-login.php page (using the .htaccess file)
  • Forgot password functionality built in
  • User registration link (when registration is enabled)
  • Automatic bypassing of the login page on logout
  • Sidebar Widget for easy access to the Login bar
  • 4 different visual ways to activate and a key combination

What’s next for Secure Hidden Login

  • Captcha integration
  • Better disabling of wp-login.php to prevent any kind of invalid access attempt to this page
  • …and much more!

2012 election prediction: It’s 8:15 PM. Barack Obama Wins

You heard it here first. I predict incumbent president Barack Obama will win the 2012 election before any TV stations have announced it.

President Barack Obama Wins 2012 election
I will add more to this post later.

Updated (now with opinion of the 2012 election):

Well, there is now no need to watch 2012 election coverage, the presidential results are in, and it looks like I was correct with this pick.  I can’t say I’m happy about it, as I wanted Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) to win. Some day I hope we will get third party candidates to actually have a shot in the general election. The 2012 election was not that year, but I do think it’s coming. The republican and democrat ideas are basically the same, with slightly different details. Don’t be fooled!

Looking forward to the next presidential election

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, to me are far to similar. The electoral college to some degree is one of the main elements still giving us a 2-party system in U.S. elections. I feel that more and more   people are waking up to the idea that the amount of change between the 2 major parties is getting thinner and thinner.  It’s often just a shell game of spending money on different things.  The federal budget never goes down.

Other ballot measures

More interesting to me is the fact that gay marriage and recreational marijuana use was passed by the voters in a few states .  Although neither of these will affect me at all, I applaud those voters for making the 2012 election a historic day.  I think that both of these ‘social’ issues passing in some states show the country may be headed in the right direction towards more freedom. We will have to see how these laws hold up against federal laws that may attempt to override them.

On to 8-Ball Cities

I posted about my first win this session in my pool league, but I had plenty of wins in the last session.

My old Thursday team called ‘Slop Shots’ qualified for the 8 ball tri-cities tournament. The first step on the road to Vegas. However, we actually split up for this session.

With very little to play for (since we were no longer a team), there was hardly any pressure. I was very relaxed.

Amazingly our team did well, and we were in one of the Final matches. It came down to me playing against the captain of my Tuesday team and I playing against each other. I won! My ‘old’ Thursday team now moves on to the Cities tournament, and we’ll have to get back together in January.

Go ‘Slop Shots’!


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