2012 election prediction: It’s 8:15 PM. Barack Obama Wins

You heard it here first. I predict incumbent president Barack Obama will win the 2012 election before any TV stations have announced it.

President Barack Obama Wins 2012 election
I will add more to this post later.

Updated (now with opinion of the 2012 election):

Well, there is now no need to watch 2012 election coverage, the presidential results are in, and it looks like I was correct with this pick.  I can’t say I’m happy about it, as I wanted Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) to win. Some day I hope we will get third party candidates to actually have a shot in the general election. The 2012 election was not that year, but I do think it’s coming. The republican and democrat ideas are basically the same, with slightly different details. Don’t be fooled!

Looking forward to the next presidential election

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, to me are far to similar. The electoral college to some degree is one of the main elements still giving us a 2-party system in U.S. elections. I feel that more and more   people are waking up to the idea that the amount of change between the 2 major parties is getting thinner and thinner.  It’s often just a shell game of spending money on different things.  The federal budget never goes down.

Other ballot measures

More interesting to me is the fact that gay marriage and recreational marijuana use was passed by the voters in a few states .  Although neither of these will affect me at all, I applaud those voters for making the 2012 election a historic day.  I think that both of these ‘social’ issues passing in some states show the country may be headed in the right direction towards more freedom. We will have to see how these laws hold up against federal laws that may attempt to override them.

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