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iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 (from 11-25-2010)

It’s fairly interesting how quickly technology changes sometimes.  However, it also just as interesting how some companies actually support that technology very well.  Apple, thankfully is one of those companies.  Consider that the iPhone 3GS was released in 2009, and it will be able to run iOS 6.  Also consider that iOS 4 (4.2 to be exact) was considered the ‘bleeding’ edge, less than a year ago.

Here’s another one of my Archive Posts, just for some perspective…

From November 25th, 2010 ( link)

iPhone 4 on 4.2.1 Jailbreak/Cydia Compatibility List

I like the bleeding edge of technology, so my iPhone 4 has been upgraded to the latest iOS by Apple. Here’s what works:

MobileSubstrate works.
Infinifolder works.
Quick Dismiss works.
Lockscreen Clock Hide works.
Winterboard mostly works.
Five Icon Dock works.
SBSettings mostly works.

That’s all for now. If you want me to test anything out, just leave a comment!

The interesting thing about this is article too is that even iOS 6 still does not have a 5 icon dock, SBSettings type features, most of the Winterboard features, or Infinifolder. Thankfully Quick Dismiss and Lockscreen Clock Hide have become somewhat obsolete.

5 (simple) Jailbreak features that are amazingly still missing from iOS 6

The first 2 categories were in the ‘Babes’ category.  For awhile I had a post up that spoke of how I really can’t keep up with a daily blog, but that’s boring, so I took it down.  This will be the first post in my ‘Apple’ category.

Since I first bought an iPhone 3G quite awhile ago, I’ve quickly become an ‘Apple fanboy’ as I now have a Mac Mini with Wireless Keyboard + Trackpad (linked with the Twelve South Magic Wand).  I’ve also upgraded to an iPhone 4 (not recently, after my 3G, but before iPhone 4S came out) (interestingly, my current case is the Twelve South BookBook).

So, my love for Apple (and Twelve South) is pretty clear.  I’m an iPhone Developer (although I have not released any apps yet), so I just updated to iOS 6 today.  It’s closer to not requiring me to jailbreak and adds some great features, but there are some things that are obviously still missing.

  1. Lower case letters on the keyboard when shift is not enabled (also known as the ‘ShowCase’ jailbreak tweak)
  2. Colorized/Modifiable Keyboard. (currently the ‘Color Keyboard’ jailbreak tweak is what I use)
  3. Quick enable/disable of Wifi, Airport mode, and more (SBSettings jailbreak tweak)
  4. Enable/Disable of Newsstand or not showing it all if you have no magazines (NoNewsIsGoodNews jailbreak tweak)
  5. Siri on iPhone 4! (It’s been ported in various ways on jailbreak phones, so it’s clearly not a performance issue.

I have Lower case letters on the keyboard as #1 for a reason.  It’s a stupid simple thing, but also probably my favorite jailbreak tweak.  When you have big fingers/hands on a digital keyboard, and always accidentally hit the ‘A’ key rather than the shift key, this is a life saver.

I get that #5, Siri is sold as a ‘feature’ of the iPhone 4S (and now ‘new’ iPad), so it’s not of financial interest for apple to make it work on iPhone 4.  However, the other claim was that Siri was in ‘beta’.  Has it come out of beta yet?  If so, it’s time to make the iPhone 4 have it.  I’d even pay something like $1 to $20 to be able to officially use Siri on my iPhone 4.