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Clip vs. Magazine: what’s the difference?

Clip vs. Magazine and other pending legislation

Some point soon, there will be legislation regarding gun control sent across the desks of everyone in congress. There are many different ideas about what it should include or if it should exist at all.  All I will say on the topic is that I do believe the 2nd amendment should exist (I cannot confirm nor deny if I practice it). However, it’s important to frame certain terminology in the right way.  Some say things like clip vs. magazine: what is the difference? Or why do you need an assault rifle?  A lot of this is all made up terms by anti-gun government officials.  Sometimes it’s even laughable to here them mis-used.  I hope that this post adds to the many that helps the public, and even congress get these terms right.

The Difference

Clip vs. Magazine

The easiest way for me to illustrate the difference between a clip and a magazine is with a picture.  This picture shows 60 rounds, 30 in clips, and 30 loaded into a magazine.  Clips are on the left, they hold 10 rounds.  The magazine on the right holds 30 rounds.  In this case, these are for an SKS, 7.62×39 rifle.  The stripper clips are used to load the rifle, and the magazine is what holds the loaded rounds.  Equipping an SKS with a 30 round magazine, or loading it with stripper clips may, to some, constitute it as an assault rifle. The SKS is not an assault rifle.  I’ll explain why.

Not an Assault Rifle

For starters, it makes for a great hiking gone for deer hunting and has the so called ‘sporting’ use. Secondly, in it’s default form (although there are aftermarket stocks for it), it’s got a brown wooden stock and hardly looks like an ‘evil black’ assault rifle. However, generally speaking, the SKS, or at least a lot of accessories for it would be banned under some proposed legislation.

As you can see above, clips are already 10 rounds.  The default configuration of an SKS is 10 rounds.  However, since the SKS is semi-automatic (important of a ‘hiking’ gun), all the rounds are ejected after firing.  To reload it, all one needs to do is take a clip, attach it to the gun and push the cartridges down (not bullets (the metal pointy part that flies out the barrel) or shell/case (case being better, the steel or brass part which holds the bullet, powder, and primer at the bottom). With clips the SKS can be reloaded in seconds.

Short Conclusion

If anything, a 30 round magazine delats reloading, since there is more to reload.  In either case, banning either a clip or a magazine of a certain size does nothing.  When one human shoots another, they are already committing a crime.  Trying to justify new laws to stop those that already break existing ones should not make sense to anyone.

2012 election prediction: It’s 8:15 PM. Barack Obama Wins

You heard it here first. I predict incumbent president Barack Obama will win the 2012 election before any TV stations have announced it.

President Barack Obama Wins 2012 election
I will add more to this post later.

Updated (now with opinion of the 2012 election):

Well, there is now no need to watch 2012 election coverage, the presidential results are in, and it looks like I was correct with this pick.  I can’t say I’m happy about it, as I wanted Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) to win. Some day I hope we will get third party candidates to actually have a shot in the general election. The 2012 election was not that year, but I do think it’s coming. The republican and democrat ideas are basically the same, with slightly different details. Don’t be fooled!

Looking forward to the next presidential election

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, to me are far to similar. The electoral college to some degree is one of the main elements still giving us a 2-party system in U.S. elections. I feel that more and more   people are waking up to the idea that the amount of change between the 2 major parties is getting thinner and thinner.  It’s often just a shell game of spending money on different things.  The federal budget never goes down.

Other ballot measures

More interesting to me is the fact that gay marriage and recreational marijuana use was passed by the voters in a few states .  Although neither of these will affect me at all, I applaud those voters for making the 2012 election a historic day.  I think that both of these ‘social’ issues passing in some states show the country may be headed in the right direction towards more freedom. We will have to see how these laws hold up against federal laws that may attempt to override them.

I’m voting for Gary Johnson

So, I’ve changed my mind and decided I will be discussing ‘Politics’ on my website/blog.  I’ve restored my post about Ron Paul being vice president and although that was a good ‘dream’, it was a long shot at best.  Most importantly, it did not happen.

It’s time to move on from Ron Paul now.  The Liberty movement does not need him anymore though.  It’s time we stand on our own 2 feet.  That’s why, I am making it very clear, right now, my vote is going to former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson.

I think the next president of the united states (links to Gary Johnson’s website) does not have to be a Republican or Democrat.  It’s time that all of america wakes up to the fact that we don’t live in a 2 party system.  You can ‘Live Free’ and vote for whoever you want!

What if Ron Paul was Vice President?

The 2012 Republican primaries have been anything but normal.  They’ve been all over the map in fact.  It could have been Newt Gingrich (the ‘moon base’ guy), Rick Santorum (the ‘ultra-conservative planned parenthood funding, team player’), and so many others.

In the end the only ones that really had a shot was Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  All over the internet though, you have this:

There are a few things to consider.  How bad do the Republicans want this election?  Enough to put up Ron Paul as the Vice President?  Wait, wait!  Hear me out on this… think about it for a second.  If Romney loses this election, he fades into the dust.  Either way, Ron Paul never runs in another election again.  Putting up Ron Paul as Vice President probably almost guarantees a win for Romney.  The Vice President has no real power, but he has enough as a figure head to tame back the liberty movement.  They’ll have their win, and might also fade into the dust, or at least that would be the hope of the RNC.

However, if for some reason Romney does not win, it’s more than likely that 2016 is a totally open race on both sides again (I highly doubt Biden will seek his own presidency). If history tells us anything, this is probably good for the Republicans.  They could put all those up and comers in a grand battle.  Rand Paul, Mark Rubio, Chris Christie, Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan, and others.  All fresh faces.  People would pay attention.

As far as I am concerned, it’s almost a win-win scenario.