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Blue Red bull is the best

20130615-205038.jpgWhen I play pool, I like to have a drink or 2. The drink of choice is red bull vodka. Of course this means that I also crave wings (red bull) at other times. I also love Crystal Head Vodka.

Mix them together, it’s delicious, but nothing is as good as Blue Edition Red Bull. Original, Red, and Silver are good, but I think Blue is the best.

On to 8-Ball Cities

I posted about my first win this session in my pool league, but I had plenty of wins in the last session.

My old Thursday team called ‘Slop Shots’ qualified for the 8 ball tri-cities tournament. The first step on the road to Vegas. However, we actually split up for this session.

With very little to play for (since we were no longer a team), there was hardly any pressure. I was very relaxed.

Amazingly our team did well, and we were in one of the Final matches. It came down to me playing against the captain of my Tuesday team and I playing against each other. I won! My ‘old’ Thursday team now moves on to the Cities tournament, and we’ll have to get back together in January.

Go ‘Slop Shots’!


First time on 9ft tables and I won!

So, I just got back from my first APA game played on 9ft tables, and I beat a 5!  (Note, certaintly I’ve practiced on 9ft table splenty of times, but never did anything official.)

He won the first one, and I won the 2nd one.  Then, he won 2 in a row.  The final game was full of a ton of defensive shots.  Somehow in the end I pulled it out and got my 2nd win, and took the victory.

I’m very excited!  I’m 100% in that league now and likely doing very well in Top Gun standings! I hope I can keep this up!

9/11: A day to forget

Look, I am not cynical or heartless.  I am sad for the families that lost loved ones during this horrible tragedy in New York City.  I’m not a 9/11 ‘truther’ because I simply have not done the research on it.  However, in the end I don’t think it matters.  What’s happened to our country post 9/11 is what matters:

  • More War
  • More Debt
  • More Killing of innocent people
  • More taking of our civil rights

This is no day to celebrate.  This is a day to wake up and realize that lies and propaganda keep us at war.  We simply can’t keep doing this forever.  It’s time to forget about the past, and look to the future.  It’s time to bring our troops home.  All of them.

…and in other news my Pool League starts back up today after a week off.  I’m excited, and leaving right after I finish writing this.

My future in Pool Leagues

Today, I’m officially on 2 APA Pool League rosters for next session.  Both of them will play out of Bullshooters which is fairly far from where I live in North West Phoenix.  Rather than playing out of there and a place closer to where I live.

I’ve come to a realization lately in large part to this wonderful forum post written by the person who introduced me to competitive and league pool in the first place.

Like him, I’ve have come to realize that while it is my ultimate goal to continue to get better, it’s not worth it I’m not having fun every time that I play.  It’s not worth to be on team comprised completely of strangers I have no intention of hanging out with outside of pool.

Everything we do in life should always be about having fun.  If you’re not having fun doing it, you should really ask yourself why you’re doing it.

A great birthday and some pool (& a 9 on the snap patch)

It was just recently my birthday and I did not really do anything special.  Just went about my normal day.  Just so happened that I had my pool league on that day.  Interestingly enough I was awarded with a gift:


I got this patch because the week previous, I got my first 9 on the break/9 on the snap.  It was actually a very exciting game.  I was doen 13-17 going into the last game, and I actually got 7 (counted as 6, since I only need to go to 19), to win.

Almost pulled a similar comeback on my birthday too, but ultimately lost to a 4 16-31.  I won 8 ball though, so it was a good night.

Hopefully I’ll post more about this great hobby of mine.  Any time I go up a skill level, get a patch, etc.. going forward, I wan to post about it.