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Wordcamp inspired update to Secure Hidden Login (v1.0.0)


I was just recently at Wordcamp Phoenix 2014 and saw some really exciting talks.  After spending a whole 3 days learning new things about WordPress and discussing it’s uses with others, I was inspired to re-visit Secure Hidden Login and give it a well needed update.

Secure Hidden Login v1.0.0

I’m proud to say that Secure Hidden Login v1.0.0 has been released.  I’m dedicating this version to my beautiful girlfriend, Bernice.  Actually, Bernice is the one that hit ‘Enter’ on the svn commit to release the new version of the plugin.  I am sure I am not the first one to have their girlfriend push the button for a plugin release.  She’s very happy that she’s with a bit of a ‘nerd’ and I hope that someone reading this is inspired and goes out and meets a nice girl like Bernice.  By the way, we met on eHarmony so check it out.

Anyway, Secure Hidden Login v1.0.0 does not add anything cosmetically.  However, there are many changes in the back end.  Firstly, Secure Hidden Login now has filters so that certain text blocks can be changed or actions added.  Second, Secure Hidden Login is actually more ‘secure’ in that it now uses dynamically inserted javascript and css in addition to all forms being loaded by ajax.  Secure Hidden Login is now undetectable by wp scan plugin enumeration which fixes a long standing issue that being able to track it meant that a hacker could bypass some of it’s security measures (like blocking the wp-admin page).  There were also some bugfixes that were reported that were ignored for too long that have been fixed.

The future of Secure Hidden Login

Looking to the future, my plan for v1.1.0 is to either add my own CAPTCHA or integrate an existing plugin.  Right now, Secure Hidden Login should fail gracefully when a CAPTCHA plugin is present on the login page.  This has been tested specifically with SI CAPTCHA but that’s not exactly the best solution.

Updated to v1.0.1 to fix some bugs!

As always if you have any questions about Secure Hidden Login, you can ask on my Contact page.

Secure Hidden Login status update

First, I just want to note, I now have a dedicated Secure Hidden Login page on my site.

Secure Hidden Login is now part of EditSee (since v0.8)

editseeAlthough I cannot give full details on the ultimate goal of the EditSee project at this time, it should be fairly obvious.  The aim of the EditSee project is to eliminate the need for a conventional ‘admin’ or ‘dashboard’ area.  The user should be able to edit their site, from their site, not some other hidden area. Secure Hidden Login is a big part of this in that it simplifies the login and logout process.

Secure Hidden Login passes a strict Debug check (since v0.9)

After attending Wordcamp Phoenix 2013, I learned the importance of debugging your code.  This is both for the purposes of security, and compatibility with other plugins and themes.  With full WordPress Debug mode on and the Debug bar plugin, Secure Hidden Login generates no errors. In addition to Debug check, v0.9.1 renames some CSS classes to further prevent conflicts with other plugins.

Secure Hidden Login’s new features since v0.1

Secure Hidden Login had some humble beginnings as a very simple plugin.  Thanks to a lot of great feedback, several features have been added over time and many more are coming.  Here is a list of some of the great features Secure Hidden Login now has:

  • Color options for the buttons
  • Disabling of the wp-login.php page (using the .htaccess file)
  • Forgot password functionality built in
  • User registration link (when registration is enabled)
  • Automatic bypassing of the login page on logout
  • Sidebar Widget for easy access to the Login bar
  • 4 different visual ways to activate and a key combination

What’s next for Secure Hidden Login

  • Captcha integration
  • Better disabling of wp-login.php to prevent any kind of invalid access attempt to this page
  • …and much more!

Secure Hidden Login: A New WordPress Plugin!

So, it’s official, I am a WordPress Developer!  Today, I finally got around to getting Secure Hidden Login listed on

You can download it here:

Secure Hidden Login For WordPress


Creating my first ever WordPress plugin has been very fun.  I’ve already had to release a bugfix release (v0.1.1).  I’ve also released a second version (v0.2) that added some customization (button colors).  I will continue to release and support this plugin with new features and fix any bugs that are found.

Update 2:

I figured that I probably should put another update in this post.  I’ve made a lot of changes to the plugin, and it’s now at v 0.5.1 (I skipped v0.4 and had to fix a bug someone found in v0.5).  You can change colors and select from multiple different login activation modes now.  Check it out!

While it’s not my goal to turn this into a complete and comprehensive security plugin (I’d like to keep it related to invalid login attempts), I will continue to improve it further and further.  In time, it may wind up being among the top Security plugins.

Lastly, remember to support my work and donate!