My First Win!

It’s been a rough year for me in fantasy football. Coming into this week I was 0-4, and I was playing against the only 4-0 team left. My chances of a win were to slim to none.

About as much of a chance as the Colts beating the Packers. Ironically, the Colts won…and so did I. My one Packer on my roster, Cedric Benson barely helped. It was mostly a good week for Drew Brees that pushed me over the top.

Though it was not the final score, the screenshot below shows my win! He had no one else playing on Monday night.


Secure Hidden Login: A New WordPress Plugin!

So, it’s official, I am a WordPress Developer!  Today, I finally got around to getting Secure Hidden Login listed on

You can download it here:

Secure Hidden Login For WordPress


Creating my first ever WordPress plugin has been very fun.  I’ve already had to release a bugfix release (v0.1.1).  I’ve also released a second version (v0.2) that added some customization (button colors).  I will continue to release and support this plugin with new features and fix any bugs that are found.

Update 2:

I figured that I probably should put another update in this post.  I’ve made a lot of changes to the plugin, and it’s now at v 0.5.1 (I skipped v0.4 and had to fix a bug someone found in v0.5).  You can change colors and select from multiple different login activation modes now.  Check it out!

While it’s not my goal to turn this into a complete and comprehensive security plugin (I’d like to keep it related to invalid login attempts), I will continue to improve it further and further.  In time, it may wind up being among the top Security plugins.

Lastly, remember to support my work and donate!

First time on 9ft tables and I won!

So, I just got back from my first APA game played on 9ft tables, and I beat a 5!  (Note, certaintly I’ve practiced on 9ft table splenty of times, but never did anything official.)

He won the first one, and I won the 2nd one.  Then, he won 2 in a row.  The final game was full of a ton of defensive shots.  Somehow in the end I pulled it out and got my 2nd win, and took the victory.

I’m very excited!  I’m 100% in that league now and likely doing very well in Top Gun standings! I hope I can keep this up!

I’m voting for Gary Johnson

So, I’ve changed my mind and decided I will be discussing ‘Politics’ on my website/blog.  I’ve restored my post about Ron Paul being vice president and although that was a good ‘dream’, it was a long shot at best.  Most importantly, it did not happen.

It’s time to move on from Ron Paul now.  The Liberty movement does not need him anymore though.  It’s time we stand on our own 2 feet.  That’s why, I am making it very clear, right now, my vote is going to former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson.

I think the next president of the united states (links to Gary Johnson’s website) does not have to be a Republican or Democrat.  It’s time that all of america wakes up to the fact that we don’t live in a 2 party system.  You can ‘Live Free’ and vote for whoever you want!

Da Bears (Still Suck)

This post is a bit late, as the Packers and Bears game was on Thursday. Although, on the other hand, I will be rubbing this in the faces of all my friends who are Bears fans until the 2 teams play again, so you could argue it’s never too late.  The (Da) Bears still suck, at least when the play against the Green Bay Packers, and that is the only team that matters.

I’m really happy the Packers won this game, because going 0-2 is very dangerous in this league.  It’s sometimes hard to recover form a shaky start like that.  1-1 and 1-0 in the division is very powerful.  I also think that losing to the 49ers could turn out to be a blessing.  We will play them different if we meet them in the playoffs. We will play to win.

Lastly, I accidentally left Greg Jennings, one of my 2 homer picks in fantasy football (the other is Cedric Benson) on my roster this week, even though he is out.  That’s devotion!

9/11: A day to forget

Look, I am not cynical or heartless.  I am sad for the families that lost loved ones during this horrible tragedy in New York City.  I’m not a 9/11 ‘truther’ because I simply have not done the research on it.  However, in the end I don’t think it matters.  What’s happened to our country post 9/11 is what matters:

  • More War
  • More Debt
  • More Killing of innocent people
  • More taking of our civil rights

This is no day to celebrate.  This is a day to wake up and realize that lies and propaganda keep us at war.  We simply can’t keep doing this forever.  It’s time to forget about the past, and look to the future.  It’s time to bring our troops home.  All of them.

…and in other news my Pool League starts back up today after a week off.  I’m excited, and leaving right after I finish writing this.

It Starts

Congratulations to the Cowboys!  The NFL Season has officially started. I am very excited to see the Packers play on Sunday! In honor of the season starting, you will notice I have changed my theme up  a bit.  It’s got that ‘Green and Yellow’ look to it now.

Go Pack!

My future in Pool Leagues

Today, I’m officially on 2 APA Pool League rosters for next session.  Both of them will play out of Bullshooters which is fairly far from where I live in North West Phoenix.  Rather than playing out of there and a place closer to where I live.

I’ve come to a realization lately in large part to this wonderful forum post written by the person who introduced me to competitive and league pool in the first place.

Like him, I’ve have come to realize that while it is my ultimate goal to continue to get better, it’s not worth it I’m not having fun every time that I play.  It’s not worth to be on team comprised completely of strangers I have no intention of hanging out with outside of pool.

Everything we do in life should always be about having fun.  If you’re not having fun doing it, you should really ask yourself why you’re doing it.

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