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An EditSee plugin

Current Version: 1.0.2
Written by: Alex ‘apexad’ Martin


Secure Hidden Login allows you to have hidden a login bar (same size as the default WordPress admin bar) on your site.

  • Active it with a Lock in the upper right
  • Activate it with a ‘pi’ symbol like “The Net” (with Sandra Bullock) in the bottom right
  • Activate by clicking on a simple ‘LOGIN’ button at the top of the page
  • Activate by clicking the ‘WordPress’ Logo in the upper left (just like on the admin bar)
  • Activate with a simple link in a widget that can be placed anywhere
  • Completely Hidden and only activated with Ctrl/Alt+L (the ‘L’ can be changed in Settings)

Why you should use this plugin:

  • Great for Security
  • Makes WordPress easier and quicker (no need to go to a different page to login)
  • Option to block direct wp-login.php and wp-admin login (uses .htaccess file)
  • Built in Filters for Theme Developers and all styles in the themes style.css file


Secure Hidden Login Buttons
Secure Hidden Login Buttons
Settings screen (on a site with User Registration disabled)
Settings screen (on a site with User Registration disabled)


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Thank you!

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