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Reggie Bush to Packers (I hope)

Reggie Bush to PackersImagine seeing ‘Reggie Bush to Packers’ on NFL.com.  I’m not sure if this is seriously being considered in any way by the Green Bay Packers general manager or anyone within the team, but it makes sense to this fan.  This is a free agent pickup the Green Bay Packers definitely need to consider. I hope that by writing this article, it get’s others to talk about this idea.  Perhaps it can create a trend on the internet.

The back story

Reggie Bush is a 7th year NFL Pro going to free agency after spending 2 years in Miami with no chance of making a Super Bowl.  Previously he spent a few years with the Saints, made the Super Bowl, and won it along with Drew Brees and company.  Knowing that he had a taste of Super Bowl Championship glory with the Saints, it’s undeniable that he probably wants another one.  The Green Bay Packers could give him that and I’m not the first one to propose this idea that Reggie Bush could go to the Packers.  It was proposed on ESPN’s NFC North Blog by Kevin Seifert originally. It’s also been discussed on other sites such as Cheese Head TV.

Update (March 11th, 2013): It’s even on NFL.com now!

Why Reggie Bush to Packers makes sense

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, Reggie Bush has the Super Bowl bug, and may take a smaller salary in the now for a chance to make some money later as well as return to a Super Bowl. He may be alright with allowing the Packers to get him at a discounted rate versus other teams who are in a re-building stage. You’ve also got a couple other big money free agent running backs looking for homes like Ahmad Bradshaw and Steven Jackson, so the market for Reggie Bush might be low among other nfl teams.

Next, it’s important to understand, with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Green Bay Packers will never be a run first team.  The Packers won’t benefit at all from a big ‘down hill’ run-first not so great pass catcher running back (think Ryan Grant). If the Packers have a 3rd and short, they already have John Kuhn. The best running back for the Packers is a shifty running back who gets open and makes people miss after coming out of the backfield.  That’s literally a description of Reggie Bush.

Conclusion (and Contract thoughts)

The Packers need a running back they can trust.  Reggie Bush has shown he’s a play maker and thrives in a good offense.  Some time this off season, I really hope to see a headline that reads ‘Reggie Bush to Packers’ or ‘Reggie Bush to Green Bay’. Should be fairly easy for the Green Bay Packers to give Reggie Bush a 3 to 5 year Contract which means that it’s likely he could even retire as a Green Bay Packer. As long as the Packers don’t do something crazy like use the franchise tag on Greg Jennings, they should have the cap room for Reggie Bush. I’ll watch and see, and would love any opinions on this topic.